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Usoo used to be a flight instructor for sevral years
Very first start was making a simple button box for practice some maneuvers
It has been modified for countless hours and continues to develop even now
Only reason that i could make our product is customer satisfaction and cooperation.
Please continue to support us to make an amazing announcement.

Thank you and fle safe!

We fly Over the world

Virtual Airlines

if you are looking for a Pilot job as a flight simmer
please join us.


operation 100+ airliners
connecting all over the worlds 200+ airports
ranked world top3 airline in service


KIXD connected 200+ airports
most biggiest network in service.
always ranked top 10 since 2019

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Our Team

i am so happy to introduce our team here.
we are doing our best all time
for better customer experience and satisfaction.

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Lead Developer

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price on our gears

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